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Here are pictures from the State Championship awards ceremony.
Boone Hatcher
Boone-3rd Place
Brandon Kent
Brandon Kent-5th Place
Brandon Schlegel-8th Place
Briar Hines
Briar-3rd Place
Devin Harrison
Devin Harrison-12th Place
Devin Enlow & Levi Brookshire
Devin Enlow-12th Place & Levi Brookshire-11th Place
Drew Andersen
Drew-1st Place
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson-8th Place
Glen Huggins
Glenn-5th Place
Greg Cazares
Assisstant Track Director Greg Cazares-11th Place
James Cazares
James Cazares-2nd Place
James Reed
James Reed-6th Place
Johnathan Messing
Johnathan Messing-4th Place
John Pringle
John Pringle-The man of many hats!!
J.T. Davie
J.T. Davie-19th Place
Kendra Stoddard
Kendra-10th Place
Kyla Reed
Kyla-2nd Place
Marty Rhatigan
Marty-7th Place
Maxie King
Maxie-15th Place (14 Novice)
Maxie King
Maxie-6th Place (13-14 Cruiser)
Preston Lewis
Preston-6th Place
Ronald Sanchez
Ronald-2nd Place
Tonya Davie
Tonya Davie-4th Place Always working, isn't she?
Vic Lewis
Vic-7th Place
  William Barber
William-6th Place
Zachary DeCoste
Zachary-15th Place