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2008 NEWS
**** 2008 Summer Series schedule released! Middleburg BMX hosted a Double Points race August 16!!
****18 August 2008 -

  Well our big race is over and except for the threat of rain (which we never got, the sun even came out while we were cleaning up after the race!) and a few glitches that come with running this type of race for the first time, overall, I think most everyone had a good time.
  The races were exciting and close as we had 55 racers from the age of 4 to the mid 40's. There were a few bumps and bruises and unfortunately we did have one wreck where the ambulance was called. That was for Danny Roberts who broke his wrist in his wreck right before the finish line.
  Even though he was in pain Danny came back with a good one when the medical staff asked him if he was allergic to anything. Danny's response was, "Yeah, BMX racing."
  A huge THANK YOU!!! to all who helped before, during and after the races. First, thank you to all those who helped to get the track ready for the race. (You know who you are. I don't want to name names and leave anyone out.) Thanks to Channel 12 for sending out Eden Kendall and Josh to cover our event. (We even had a couple of phone calls on Saturday because of us being on the air!) Thanks to ASMF and the Clay County Fire Rescue for tending the bumps bruises and the one broken wrist. And finally thank you to the boy's from my son's Boy Scout Troop #404 who helped during the race. Finally, thanks to those from our track, JAX and other BMXer's who helped during the race to keep the track, concession and most of all registration running to the best of our abilities.

****21 August 2008 -

  Click here to see some of the videos from the BMX races in the Olympics.

**** Two of our BMX family members have lost a person who was very important to them and they need your prayers.

  The wife of Ed Robinson III and the mom of his son Ed IV, Traci, passed away on 8 August. She was taken from her family by the disease Lupus. I have added her obituary information from the Times-Union on our news page. During our race this weekend, we will be collecting donations to present to the Lupus Foundation in Traci's memory. Please keep Traci's family in your thoughts and prayers.

**** 20 August 2008
BMX rocks its Olympic debut Four Americans advance amid fanfare of sport's debut
By Alan Abrahamson,
Posted Wednesday, August 20, 2008 2:12 AM ET
  BEIJING -- For those about to rock, dude, we salute you, and it rocked hard Wednesday as BMX cycling made its Olympic debut, with cheerleaders, hip-hop dancers, most excellent tunes, blissed-out fans and, best of all, lots of crashes.
  Just like organizers and Olympic officials had hoped.
  Crashes are interesting. Crashes are dramatic. Crashes make good theater.
  Check out these crashes from day one of BMX racing. As long as nobody gets seriously hurt -- the more crashes, the better. Like the one involving American racer and three-time world champion Kyle Bennett in his preliminary heat, a gnarly five-bike pile-up that left him with a dislocated left shoulder.
  In BMX, you're immediately identified as a poser tourist if you don't call everyone dude, refer to the venue as gnarly, say you're stoked about whatever. Dude thanked the doctors, got up himself and, with his shoulder out of its socket, rode the rest of the course one-handed. Then they put that shoulder back in there. He's good to go for Thursday's semifinals.
  Mike Day, the U.S. Olympic Trials champion, laid down the fastest time in the men's seeding trial, then won each of his three qualifying races. Another American, Donny Robinson, who on the Laoshang venue course last year in its debut event, made it through, too. So did the sole American woman, Jill Kintner.
  The results Wednesday truly were something of an afterthought.
  What mattered was that this was BMX at the Olympics -- an effort by Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee to reach out to a younger, hipper audience, the suits trying to replicate in the Summer Games the cool factor that first snowboard and then snowboard-cross have brought to the Winter Games.
  "It's up to us whether we make this work or not," Robinson said.
  "The track's gnarly. Speed. It's there. We've just got to be great ambassadors for the sport, show kids that we're cool with what we're doing and the parents that we're good role models. That works for everybody.
  "For a first day today," he assessed, "we've done a pretty good job."
  "If I had been in Torino," at the 2006 Winter Games, "I would have been there for snowboarding and snowboard-cross," said Landon Hooberry, 36, of Las Vegas, who dressed Wednesday in high style for the occasion -- sporting not only a blue FBI cap with American, Olympic and Chinese flags sticking out of it but a blue shirt with his first name, gas-station style, on a chest patch.
  "I used to do BMX as a kid and to see it at the Olympics," he said, "is really cool -- awesome."
  The man over the PA system, Mike "Redbone" Redman, 46, of Temecula, Calif., could not have agreed more. BMX, or bicycle motorcross, began in California about 40 years ago. Redbone started riding in Orange County, Calif., in the '70s.
  "It is crazy," he said Wednesday, meaning BMX in the Olympics. "I used to have to defend myself riding my bike when I was a teen-ager. They thought it was for little kids."
  The contrast Wednesday between two sports that made their Olympic debuts could not have been more vivid.
  On the one hand, you had the women's 10k swim. Not say that wasn't interesting but - that was not interesting. That was almost two hours of watching barely identifiable swimmers swim through greenish water.
  On the other, BMX -- a succession of hugely entertaining 40-second races around a course that featured sharply banked turns and big air-style jumps, the course fiendishly designed to yield monster crashes.
  "It's about those sports for those of us who were growing up in the '80s, the Tony Hawk era," said Nate Kortuem, sitting in the stands.
  "... These guys are my age, doing BMX their whole lives, getting the chance to represent their country in the Olympic Games -- nothing could be better than that."
  His wife, Sarah Haskins, an American triathlete, had competed in her event just two days prior. She was in the stands Wednesday at BMX along with her husband.
  "They wanted to go to baseball," Nate said. "I had said, 'What else is on?' They said, 'BMX.' I said, "Let's do that!"
  "I ride a bike but I could never do this," Sarah said. "This is hard core. Crazy. Insane."
  And, quite deliberately, a scene.
  In between heats, a gaggle of cheerleaders in short red skirts bounced out onto the track, onto the jumps, trying to look as frisky as they could in temperatures that were easily in the high '80s.
  Across the way danced a hip-hop troupe, though whoever thought to put the troupe in black velour pants ought to consider a different career. Not a good day to be wearing velour.
  High-decibel rock music: a constant.
  Outside the venue: scalpers. Tickets were going for 10 to 12 times face value.
  The stands offered the sort of courtside feel that Jack Nicholson has at Lakers games. The first rows of stands were just about that close to the entry ramp and the first series of jumps.
  Standing by the stands was Jason Smith, 29, who said, "I hooked up with these two guys here," Ralph Acosta, 28 and John Hong, 29, adding, "We all like to party -- duh."
  Which was why Smith, who was spending 100 days on the road - Stockholm to Honolulu -- made it a point to be at the BMX venue at the 2008 Games.
  That's where the party was, dude. The crashes and the party.
  "It's got that NASCAR feel," Hong said.
  "By putting eight guys on the same course, you're really hoping someone is going to crash," Smith said.
  He added, "But that's what extreme sports is all about. Death, destruction and mayhem."


Watch history in the making as BMX makes its highly-anticipated debut at the Olympic Games. Beijing is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). The Western states will enjoy the best time slots with most of BMX in prime time. BMX will be broadcast along with other sports so no permanent times have been assigned. (times subject to change) **All times EST. Practice days are not televised. Some viewers who live close the Canadian border may get to see CBC TV as well.
  Note: These are actual racing times converted to EST times from Beijing Time. If NBC shows the 'Live' as they happen, this is when you should see it. If they do tape delay, the times will change. Consult your local listings for more detail.
  RACE DAYS: TELEVISED ON NBC & CBC / Some times may be subject to change - See more at
  Wednesday, Aug 20 -> (August 21st in Beijing) 8:00pm - Warm-up / 9:00pm - Women's Semi #1 / 9:10pm - Men's Semi #1 / 9:30pm - Women's Semi #1 / 9:40pm - Men's Semi #2 / 10:00pm - Women's Semi #3 / 10:10pm - Men's Semi #3 / 10:15pm - 7:30pm Break / 10:30pm - Women's Final / 10:40pm - Men's Final / 11:00pm - Medal Ceremony
  Racing Format: Men: 2 Time Trials, - Best one counts and is used for lane choice in the first quarter-final. From their, lane choice is based on the rider's previous race time. (ie. Rider X gets 1st in his 3rd quarter but his time is longer than the 3 other riders in that last round - he gets the 4th lane choice in the first round of semis)
  3 Quarters - There are 4 quarters of 8 with fixed groups (no mixed motos) and they do three motos. Top 4 in each group transfer to semis 3 Semis - Two groups of 8 race three semis each with top 4 going to the main Main - One lap for the Gold!
  Women: 2 Time Trials, - Best one counts and is used for lane choices for the first semi 3 Semis - Two groups of 8 race three semis each with top 4 going to the main Main - One lap for the Gold!

****21 August 2008 -

  At 10:32pm the finals on the 1st BMX Olympic mains were aired on USA TV. After crashes in both the men and women's races, three of our riders will be bringing home medals. Bennett made it to the semi finals with a dislocated shoulder but didn't make the main.
  In the women's main, Great Britain's Shanaze Reade had the lead but went down in the last berm. France's Anne-Caroline Chausson and Laetitia le Corguille took gold and silver while USA's Jill Kintner took bronze.
  In the men's main, three riders went down in the 2nd berm. Day and Robinson were in front of the wreck and held on to take silver and bronze behind Maris Strombergs' gold.

****22 August 2008 - The following is from Danny Roberts. (He's the rider who tried to fly like Superman during the double points race but forgot that Superman lands on his feet.)

  "Hey guys! I wanted to say thank you to everyone again for taking care of me (and Grayson!) on Saturday. Thanks also to everyone who has been calling to check on guys are awesome. I had reconstructive surgery that night at OP Medical. The Dr. said it was the worst he's seen and p#6699fficted a long road to recovery. I heard that Tonya had some great pics of my wreck...would love to see them. Hope everyone is weathering the storm OK and I'll be in touch soon!"
  I did get pictures of his wreck and the races. I also had a story and two pictures published in this week's Clay Today. One picture used was Danny flying through the air! I tried to get at least one picture of everyone on the track. Go to the picture section of our site and click on "2008 Summer Series Double Points race at MID BMX." This will take you to where you can see my pictures. A percentage of any pictures sold will be given to the MID BMX track.

No, this is NOT Superman!
****24 Aug 2008 -

  Well thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, we have good news and frustrating news. The frustrating (but not surprising) news is that because of the rain we need to have more work parties. Exactly when will be decided later.
  The good news is that since I was in the house for so long and had electricity, I had time to look for pictures and I figu#6699ff out how to add them to the site! Almost all of the rider profiles now have pictures. The ones that still don't have pictures are because I don't have them yet to add.
  If you have a profile, go to the profile section and see how good you look.

****25 August 2008 - I received the following from the NBL office.

  Cast Your Vote For the 2007 NBL Grand National as Sporting Event of the Year
  Voting is now open for the 2008 SportsTravel Awards. Your involvement helps make the SportsTravel Awards the leading peer-based awards program in the sports-event industry. Voting takes less than two minutes and will give you a voice in recognizing excellence in sporting-event production and management at the amateur, collegiate and professional levels.
  To join the excitement and cast your vote, click here. Voting is open now through September 15, 2008.
  The 2008 SportsTravel Awards will be presented on Friday, October 24, 2008, at the TEAMS Conference & Expo in Pittsburgh. We hope you'll be able to join us there for the live announcement of the winners. For further information or to register for TEAMS 2008, visit
  Vote now and be sure to select the 2007 NBL Grand National at the very bottom of the Ballot.
  Kevin O'Brien - Marketing and Communications Director

****10 September 2008 -

  We have been having problems updating the track phone. Stay tuned to the website for the most recent news on practices or races!
  We have also been having problems with Yahoo! (they host our site). We are going to try this new site & see if we have any better luck!

****18 September 2008 -

  We have switched to this site for sure! Most everything is up. I believe the last thing that needs switched over are the rider profiles. They will be up and running soon. If you haven't submitted yours, now would be an excellent time to do so! Keep checking back for updates!!

****6 October 2008 -

  Be sure to check out the Middleburg BMX YouTube channel at this link. A good number of videos have just been added!!

****6 October 2008 -

  It has been brought to my attention that some people are having issues loading this page correctly. I will fix this ASAP. There are also people saying the link in the emails being sent out links to an inappropriate site. If you are one of these people, or know one of these people, please forward the offending email to I have not had this problem with any of the links I click on, so I want to make sure the site is sent out correctly. Thanks!!

****9 October 2008 -

  Thanks to the rain there will be no practicing tonight. We will also not be able to race this weekend due to the Summer Series race in Naples. Good luck to those who are going to this race!
  We're still working on adding the profiles from the previous site to this one. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
  Check out the videos we've added to YouTube at, and at Between these three sites we have videos of Kendra, JT (one has JT touching wheels in the 2nd berm), James C. (one has James crashing in the rhythm section), Greg, James R., Marty, Ed III and the Elite Women and Men. One of the videos that I took and JT added to his site has already had over 1,000 hits!

****31 October 2008 -

  Okay. Things have been pretty frustrating around our track with the rain and then the repairs that needed to be done. Then when we have the track in good shape . . . we can't race because of races elsewhere!
  We made up for that a little this week. We tried to have a race on Wednesday but the few that showed up at the track had fun while they were practicing but there wasn't enough to race. We tried again on Thursday night and guess what! We had a race! Kyla announced, the BMXer's raced, the fans cheered and everyone had a great time! They had so much fun that after the races we had a jumping contest to check out who had the best style.
  I was in the registration building working on the race results so I'm not sure who was the "official" winner but I heard them all having a great time and cheering for each other.
  We will be travelling this weekend to High Springs for their Halloween weekend of racing so we will not have a race at our track. We will be back on 6 Nov. for practice and maybe even a race if we can get enough riders.
  I have added in here the schedule for High Springs and the information they have sent out about the weekend. I hope you can make it over there and have some fun!

  HIGH SPRINGS BMX will kick off the State Series and celebrate Halloween with a weekend of events Saturday Nov. 1st and Sunday Nov. 2nd. The track will be open all day Saturday starting at noon for practice. Practice cost is $3.00 if not racing.
  Saturday: Race #1 (points only) starts @ 2:00pm - cost $5 / 3:30-5:00pm rider clinic with Amanda Geving and local experts. Cost is $15. / Race #2 (points/trophy) starts @ 7:00pm - cost is $8 Registration closes 30 minutes before race time. Between races we will have special halloween treats, raffles and contests. Everyone is also encouraged to bring their used bmx stuff to sell. Saturday night you are welcome to camp at the track and enjoy some late night practice and fun activities.
  Sunday: Race #3 (points/medal) starts @ 1pm - cost $7
  Please visit or call Lynda (352)514-9735 for more information.
  Come enjoy the fun and start the season off right with 3 local races. Concessions open all weekend.

****26 November 2008 -

  Once again we will not be at the track this week but it is NOT because of weather or a race at another track. In case you haven't heard, this Thursday is Thanksgiving! We will though (weather permitting!) be back at the track on Thursday, 4 December for practice. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!
  For those of you who like to participate in parades, the Middleburg parade will be held on Saturday, 13 December. Lineup starts at 5:30pm. The parade starts in the parking lot on the north side of the church at the corner of Blanding and 218, procedes north on Blanding and finishes at Main Street. We have won two trophies so far (one at Christmas 2006 and one in July 2008) while riding in these Middleburg parades. Let's try for a third trophy this year! I'll let you know more later about riding in this parade.

****11 December 2008 -

  We are still planning on being at the track tonight for practice but there are threats of rain coming in the area about 8am this morning. I'll TRY to update the website if we have to cancel but definitely call the track phone (282-9177) for updates.
  We are hoping to have enough to ride in the parade this Saturday, 13 Dec. Lineup starts at 5:30pm. The parade starts in the parking lot on the north side of the church at the corner of Blanding and 218, procedes north on Blanding and finishes at Main Street. We have won two trophies so far (one at Christmas 2006 and one in July 2008) while riding in these Middleburg parades. Let's try for a third trophy this year!
  You can park in the Publix parking lot or wherever the parade people direct you to park in the church area. Once you get to where the parade is being lined up, just look for your fellow BMXer's.
  If you can, decorate your bikes or yorself in a Christmas theme (nothing really elaborate just a bow or something) and if you have anything that lights up (ie - glo-sticks or flashing lights) wear them.
  Have fun and good luck to all who ride in the parade. It has been very fun in the past and I anticipate another fun time this year!

****18 December 2008 -

  Thank you to everyone who came out to Middleburg to ride in the Christmas parade last Saturday! The crowd was large and the BMX riders were many. We will find out later if the track has earned it's third parade trophy.
  We will be at the track for our last race of 2008 this Saturday, 21 Dec.

****28 December 2008 - President's Cup Results Are In!!

  FLORIDA ONCE AGAIN HAS POSSESSION OF THE PRESIDENT'S CUP!!!! The following was copied from the NBL site at
  More than 180 motos raced their way into history inside the Virginia Horse Center for this year's President's Cup and when the dust had settled, Steve Doan, Florida's State Commissioner, was grinning like the Grinch from ear to ear. He had just watched his talent-laden team from the Sunshine State take the President's Cup title away from Michigan. NBL's new President, Ken Masters, who served as Michigan's State Commissioner this time last year, watched his old team drop to 8th behind a group of other challenging states. The Carolina's (North and South) and Ohio came close but Florida had more than 200 riders in attendance and they dominated the day.
  The Results (last year's ranking in brackets)
  1-Florida (2); 2-Carolinas (9); 3-Ohio (5); 4-Virginia (11); 5-Georgia (10); 6-Pennsylvania (6); 7-New Jersey (15); 8-Michigan (1); 9-New York (14); 10-Connecticut; 11-Illinois (3); 12-Maryland; 13-California (4); 14-Alabama; 15-Kentucky (12); 16-New Hampshire; 17-Tennessee (7)

****29 December 2008 -

  I have just discovered that for some reason, the contact page on this site was down for a while. I'm not sure for how long, but I know that some people have been trying to email & I haven't been receiving them. It should be working now. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please feel free to resend your message if you're not sure if it was received!! 2009 NEWS

****6 January 2009 -

The new state season points started in November but with all the rain, holidays, big races at other tracks, etc, etc, . . . we haven't been able to have any races at our track BUT we are looking forward to having double races on some Saturdays and races on the Thursdays that we have enough riders to hold a race! One of the double races will be on Saturday, 17 Jan.
On the Thursdays that we have a race (since 99% of our riders have to be in school on Fridays) everyone must be registered no later than 6:45pm so all the pre-race paperwork can be completed on time for the race to start at 7pm. This way the riders can all get track time, earn points and be home early enough to get ready for school. (The younger riders are going to love me for that!) If you won't be at the track till 7pm, no problem! Just call the track at 282-9177 to pre-register!
We hope to see you all out here on 8 Jan for practice and hopefully a race! Our riders need their state points so they can earn their way in to the 2009 President's Cup Race!

****11 January 2009 -

Our next practice will be on Thursday, 15 Jan. and we will have a double race with all day practice on Saturday, 17 Jan.
The gates will open at 11am on the 17th for practice and the first race will be at 6pm. If you would like to call to pre-register you may do so at 282-9177. Leave the rider's name, NBL #, bike #, age and class.
Just PLEASE remember to register for practice/race BEFORE the rider gets on the track. We are a non-profit group and we are not in the same position as some of the other tracks who receive help from other entities. We rely on the monies from registration and concession sales only to pay our bills.
I think I finally have a complete list of names of those who ride at our track that had the chance to ride in the Prseident's Cup but I still don't have everyone's finishes. The lucky ones who had the chance to represent Florida in the year end race was as follows.
Kendra Stoddard - 13 Girls - 6th place / James Cazares - 15 Novice - 3rd place / Maxie King - 14 Novice - 5th place / Boone Hatcher - 12 Novice - 7th place / Ethan Tyler - 7 Rookie - 1st place / Bryan Bowers - 14 Rookie - 5th place / Ray Ragsdale - 16 Rookie - 1st place / Chris Brown - 17 and up Rookie - 4th place
Kyla Reed, James Reed, Vic Lewis and Preston Lewis also rode in the President's Cup but I don't have their finishes.
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL who helped get the President's Cup back where it belongs!

****6 February 2009 -

Well, we haven't been able to hold a race since 17 Jan but we have been at the track for a bit of cold practices! We will not be at the track on 7 Feb due to the fact that a lot of our volunteers and riders are going to the big race in Georgia. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

****21 February 2009 -

The track received some rain Wednesday but thanks to the track being uncovered early (THANKS JAMES R) and the ingenuity and determination of our riders, we had a working practice on Thursday night.
We will not be having a race tonight though due to High Springs having a double race today. We wish them well but remember your home track of Middleburg and don't forget to come out here and race! I know we've had a tough time with the weather and big races being held at other tracks but if we don't start supporting our own track and work on getting a bigger number of riders, we're going to start to have real problems and we'll have no choice but to drive an hour and a half to enjoy the sport we all love. I don't know about you all but I love having the choice of staying close to home AND travelling.

****7 March 2009 -

On April 18 we will be having both a DOUBLE POINTS RACE *AND* a WARNICKE RACE! More information (such as times) will be posted as soon as it's figured out.

****April 2009 -

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